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What more can we say about the Great American muscle racecars in the Corvette and our Vintage Cobra Repli-racers that hasn't already been glorified? Praised for the last 50 years for their V-8 powered engines, performance and rumbling sound, not to mention their sexy sleek looks and multiple race wins all over the world.

Well, your not a American V8 guy? Porsche speaks volumes for itself with their world class wins on nearly every racetrack so we have those as well! Take a look at our sister school -

These all cars are just about the most exciting racing automobiles you can strap yourself into and zoom around a racetrack. When you register you will choose either the FFR Spec Racer Cobra Repli-racer or the Corvette racecar for your day of fun. That is the car you will drive all day! Imagine a Corvette Racing school, Cobra Racing School all yours for the enjoyment!

These are all modern and real racecars! Their power train and suspension are like those racecars you see on the race cars on TV! Imagine you piloting a powerful, composite bodied, adrenaline-pumping rocket like the ones that have made recent racing history. We use only the cars pictured throughout our website for our road circuit sports car schools unless of course you bring and use you own car!

We are not using some factory supplied car made to look like a race car with decals or exotic street cars your are not allowed to rev or go fast??

We use real racecars with roll bars and racing harnesses to keep you pinned to your racing seat! Other than A/C and a heater everything else is stripped out of the cars to maximize their performance! You can drive our cars as fast as you like as long as you are following our instructions and are within your and the cars capabilities.

Real racecars and real racetracks!


Late Model Corvette Motorsport Racecar - $1150 per day

Why these cars?

A long time ago we decided we wanted something different than the rest of the schools, real race cars with international appeal, that great American V-8 rumble and unmatched power, performance, handling and sex appeal along with the light, high revving giant killers - Porsche!

We figured you probably wanted the same thing!

In addition to the visual appeal we looked for safety and didn't want inconveniences like flimsy open wheel formula Cars with tight cramped cockpits and we didn't want to ask our customer to crawl in and out of a stock car window all day. We wanted the best of fun, comfort, convenience and all around performance. Over our 22 years in the racing school business we have owned and run several other cars and watched and studied our students, other schools and made a very conscious choice. We wanted the best darn school cars available anywhere for you our customer.

First for the vintage enthusiasts and Ford fans we found the FFR Spec Racer. It is a replica of the famous Shelby Cobra from the 60�s. But we didn't�t have to tell you that.

Then we decided we needed other cars for the Corvette/Chevy* crowd and the European crowd that wanted something a little more modern. We then built the late model Corvette* racecars and Porsche 911 Carrera racecars. Our Corvettes and Porsches are different than the other schools as they are stripped out of flammable materials, roll cages installed, lightened and modified race ready racecars - not just streetcars. Our seat hold you in place for better safety and fun.

Our cars' cockpits are large, comfortable and easily accessible and the wheels are well covered under darn good-looking fenders. Our cars are amongst the fastest and best handling school cars presently available in North America. Inside the SCCA safety approved roll cage-protected cockpit you will feel totally comfortable while you are on the track. We offer you a chance to enjoy cars that most people only dream of driving. Much more than just a dream car - but cars anyone would love to pilot around a racetrack because of their unmatched performance, capabilities and styling!


Porsche 911

Vintage Spec Racer

Ferrari 430 Lamborghini Guardo

Corvette Z06 Race Cars

  Horsepower 320 hp 275hp Ford     405 hp
  Engine Flat 6 302 FI V-8     LS-7 350 Cu in
  Weight 3000 lbs 2100 lbs     3000 lbs
  Transmission 6 speed 5 speed     6 speed or auto trans.
  Acceleration 0-60 mph 5 sec 0-60 mph 4 .2 sec     0-60 mph 4.8 sec
  Top Speed 174 mph 150 mph     152 mph
  Power/Weight Ratio:
  (lower is better)
8.1 7.63     7.4
  Price $73,000 $50,000     $50,000
  Comments German engineering - excellent Unbelievable all around     Rivals!

* At Racing Adventures we not only have the coolest racecars we have the most modern progressive race school programs available anywhere for individuals, corporate programs and group programs. As well we have more convenient race track locations across North America in Canada and the United States. More to serve you than any other sports car race school or high performance driving school anywhere! We deliver programs in Los Angles, Houston, Phoenix, Toronto and Washington DC.
* Our pricing starts at $1150 for a full day program to $2000 for two days. With Corvette, Cobra Repli-racers and Porsches we have all anyone would dream to drive.

You can also use your car in our program for $399 per day or even take some private lessons.

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