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What is GrandSport All About?

GrandSport Speedway is a user facility as opposed to a spectator facility.  We do hold a few spectator events every year but we mostly rent the track to clubs for events, schools for high performance driver training, fun athletic events like mud and Zombie runs.

We are a very strong luxury lifestyle member facility that includes rental garages and large toy garages that you can purchase to keep all your stuff in. A luxury motorhead community for cars motorcycles, boats and??

Can I drive on track at GrandSport?

Yes.  You can either get on track with Hooked on Driving Track Days in your car or in Racing Adventures Supercar Experience in their cars!  If you do not have track experience you will be required to partake in the Hooked on Driving Track Days Novice group program.

What about club events?

If you are a car club and would like to rent the track for an event please give us a call and we can fill you in on the details!

Track wear?

Participants on track need to wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes, preferably sneakers with a flat and narrow sole. Helmets are mandatory while on track. Sandals and high-heels and most boots are not acceptable. Long pants are also required while on track.  No shorts!

Are helmets required?

 Yes, all participants on the track are required to wear helmets while in the car, and on track.

Can I come with friends and family?

Yes, your friends and family are welcome to attend and will be able to take videos and pictures from our secure viewing areas. Children are welcome, however, for safety reasons we do not recommend children under the age of 10 years attend this experience unless you watch from your car trackside. Pets are not allowed, only service animals are permitted at our facilities.

Can my guest ride with me in the car?

No, only a driver and driver coach will be in the car.

Can we buy food and drinks on the track?

We do not always have food for sale at the track unless it is one of the spectator events.  Packaged foods will be available in the main building during smaller events.

What happens when it rains or there is extreme heat?

For most this is a once in a lifetime experience.  We want it to be the best experience.  Even the smallest amount of rain will keep you going very slow.  In extreme cases where the weather forces us to close the track, we will reschedule you, free of charge, anytime into the future.  Rain checks only - There are no refunds as we cannot control the weather.

Is an International drivers license acceptable?

 Yes. A valid drivers license issued by a government agency is acceptable.

What about, Corporate Event, weddings and other events?

Please inquire abut facility rentals for manufacturer car launches, wedding, corporate event and so much more.

How to contact us?

 You may reach us at 409-986-7223 or you can e-mail us  HERE