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GrandSport Speedway is located in Hitchcock Texas just a short 29 miles south of downtown Houston just off Interstate 45. This is 12 miles north of the famous Island of Galveston.   GrandSport is located in the town of Hitchcock, TX on a World War II Navel Base.  There are numerous restaurants, hotels and attractions to see in the area which makes it a better location than any other track in south Texas.

GrandSport Back Then.

Once a private testing facility for Mecom Racing in the 1960’s the present day GrandSport Speedway is 10 years old with the completion of the asphalt in August 2007. GrandSport is built on a former Naval Air Station that was constructed in 1944 during the Second World War. Known as the Blimp Base, NAS Hitchcock housed blimps that were flown over the Gulf of Mexico during WWII looking for Enemy U boats trying to sneak into America’s second largest ship channel into Houston. The Blimp Base was purchased in the late 1950’s from the US government by famed Texas Oil Tycoon John Mecom Sr as a head office and field operation for his oil companies. In the 1960’s the Blimp Base housed John Mecom Jr’s historic race car operation and airplane collection. Some of the cars garaged there were the Cobra beaters. In 1962 due to an agreement with the other two of the big three, General Motors had to hastily get rid of the famed 6 GrandSport Corvettes! They all went to John Mecom Jr at the Blimp Base in Hitchcock Texas.

Some of the original buildings including the officer’s quarters, the firehouse, the laundry and mechanical shops are still standing on neighboring land. These building were once filled to the rafters with race car parts owned by Mecom racing. All that is left of the main Blimp hanger which was once the largest free standing wooden structures in the world are the four large concrete pylons 13 stories high that once held the hanger doors. They have become a local landmark.

 GrandSport Today

GrandSport Speedway was originally built mainly for the use of the Racing Adventures and Hooked on Driving Track Days. GrandSport is a challenging track with lots of run off that can be completely viewed from anywhere on site by an instructor or spectator. The track can be run in both directions and four different configuration. An expansion is happening now for GrandSport Speedway Rental!

GrandSport has stepped to cover the new local demand for Track Rental, Racecar Storage and a new high end Motorsports Drivers Club! With this you will be seeing many changes and additions to GrandSport in the next year

The 9-acre concrete paddock now has 24 day shelters and will soon have 100 Toy Storage/live in Man Caves on the west side of the track available for purchase now!  Starting at just $350k.

Grandsport Speedway Rental - Mako Circuit 1.4 miles

The 11-turn 1.4 mile roadcourse can be run in either direction and /or configured to the flying mile configuration as used by the Indycars on the recent shooting of the reality TV show – The Speedway Drivers Search. The track is very technical and has been used and praise by many pro teams who come to practice here due to the great year round weather and central location within the USA.

Famed race car driver and driving expert Bobby Unser visited and drove the track and said he believes the 1.4 mile Mako Circuit to be the smoothest surface, technically best designed and most rhythmic tracks in North America. Colin Edwards 'The Texas Tornado' of MotoGP fame said if you could master this track you would be OK on any circuit in the world.  In November 2008 The Speedway Drivers Search tested 30 new indycar drivers in Indycars on the Mako Circuit for the reality TV show 'The Speedway Drivers Search' 'The Rookie' and agreed with Unser and Edwards!


This includes but is not limited to:

  • New restrooms and shower facilities
  • Main building with classroom space and meeting space for up to 100 people.(Completed)
  • Member Clubhouse. 7200ft.
  • 24 Rentable Day Shelters
  • 100 Toy Storage/live in Man Caves


Exclusive track rental - Mako Circuit 
Friday/Saturdays/Sundays $3000(Up to 30 cars, $50 car thereafter)
Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays $2000

Full track rentals will take priority over half track rentals.  Rescue truck and Ambulance may be required.

Includes Classroom, Bathrooms, Gate staff,  Event manager.

A 98db limit will be imposed on all cars in rental groups using the facility.

Depending on the track rental it may not include traffic cones, sweeper, track dry, tow recovery vehicle, flags, classroom, Sun/rain shades or power. They may be required for your event.

Traffic cones $1 each per day
Power sweeper $100 per day use and standby
Track dry $10 per bag
Instructors $400 per day
Flags $10 per day
Classroom $200 per day
Sun/Rain Shades $50 per spot per day(Includes power)
Recovery vehicle $400 per day
Rescue truck $65hr
Ambulance $90hr
Track Marshalls $150/day
Insurance $ Please inquire

Take a look at our schedule for a date that works for you and give us a call.  Some dates on our schedule may be flexible for GrandSport Speedway Rental.

Tactical Driver training facilities and Gun Range

GrandSport has the facilities and has hosted for many years government and private tactical driving and shooting programs.  Police, Military, State Department, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, US Special Forces, and private security are all welcome.  Please inquire!