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Until the Track Extension is completed!  Sign up now for the Grandsport Club now and only pay $150 per month for the ‘VIP’ membership or nothing monthly if you invest in the ‘LIFETIME’ membership for all scheduled weekend dates! The Estimated Track extension completion date is September 1st 2018! 

When the track Extension is completed the monthly fee will go to the regular member fee of $300 per month.  Upon signing for a membership we will place your initiation fee in escrow.  When the extension is completed the funds will be released to GrandSport.  If the track is not completed within 24 months your initiation fee will be released back to you.


• Private member track days to test your car or practice and build your skills in a low pressure environment.

• Access to the Exclusive Clubhouse and Luxurious second story VIP suite and deck viewing area.

• The membership includes a minimum of 36 weekend track days per year plus many weekdays. Guest passes available for $250 per day.

• Family memberships are available for $2500 for the first driver/member and $1000 for each immediate family driver/member thereafter. Social memberships are available for $250/year.

• Only members can rent the Exclusive on site Garage Storage Spaces.

• Access to the the facility to gather with like minded folks, view and exchange with the GrandSport membership community.

• Exclusive Member Events

• Discounted motor home slip rentals with full hook up.

• The member schedule can be found at

• Discounted coaching available on Club days

The Membership agreement is available by emailing us at

You can come and check out the track for a day in our GrandSport Track Day Introduction program. Just $150 for the day including 4 run sessions. You can check that out by CLICKING HERE!

Two Memberships are available.

• The VIP membership has a one time initial investment of $6000 and then $300 per month from date of purchase. No track day fees.

• You can also purchase our ‘Lifetime membership’ with no monthly fees or track day fees for just $12,000. Only a limited number of ‘Lifetime’ Memberships will be offered.  Get yours now before they are all gone!

**Membership prices and quantity subject to change at anytime.**


Members only will have exclusive access to the luxurious private air conditioned second story clubhouse room with the second story observation deck to watch friends and family drive plus so much more. This really cool architecturally interesting building will compliment the Blimp Base heritage.

The Clubhouse will have beverages and snacks available at all times. Members will be allowed guests to accompany them into the club house at a cost of $20 per day. Member guests who would like to drive will pay $250 on private member days. Member guests will be limited the four days per year.


1) Private garages and hangar car storage spaces.

2) Pit covers to protect member cars from the weather during day events.

3) RV Slips.

4) Grassy family area with cover, BBQ grill and picnic tables.

THE FACILITIES: GARAGES – Sorry – Members Only!

A limited number of car storage spaces will be made available. These garages will be made available to our members only. All storage spaces will be leased on a one year agreement.

1) Private Track Side Garages! – Available now! Call to hold yours! $275 month. Members only.
14’X24′ 8X9 Roll up car door. Interior lighting, electricity and air.

All garages have steel walls, concrete floors and will be available on a 1 year lease. We are now taking deposits to hold your garage!

Spaces are available in the ‘Hangar’. This on site storage space is a common area storage for cars only. No equipment tools, etc. The ‘Hangar’ will be located behind the existing building and deck. This large red and white rounded style building will match the spirit of the on site Blimp Base history. The cost to store your car in the area is $150 per month.

No overnight camping allowed in garages. Serviced RV spots will be available to members at a nightly charge. No welding or painting in garages. No Fuel Storage in Garages – A special fuel storage area will be provided All modifications inside the garages that are screwed glued or otherwise attached affecting the original finish must be performed by GrandSport approved crews.

The Garage Lease agreement is available by emailing us at

Covered Pit Stalls
Covered pit stalls will be available for $20 per day on all track days. This includes power.

Race Shops
A small number of larger serviced shop buildings will be erected for approved race type businesses. Depending on size the monthly rent will start at around $1200.

Serviced RV Stalls

Water/Sewer hook up. $20 per day. Water/Sewer hook up $35 per day

Please watch this page or call for further details or give us a call.