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GrandSport Motorcycle Track Days is the exclusive motorcycle school at GrandSport Speedway. We offer the best instruction by high end pro riders that know how to teach and maximize your experience at the track every time you come and join us.

We provide a enjoyable environment for motorcycle enthusiasts to perfect their skills at the smoothest and most challenging track in Texas. Our events are open to riders of all skill level from novice riders to veteran racers.  It's all about the experience, the thrill of riding on a racetrack with out any distractions. Just the pure joy of riding! 

Our events are designed to give each and every rider maximum on-track time but we do not and will not overload the track with riders like some other discount schools to just try to make more money.  Remember - you often get what you pay for.

We offer weekend events for everyone's convenience.  A typical track day will allow you to enjoy 140 - 160 miles of riding.  Riders at our events are split into three groups per day - Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and lightweight.  Only three of the four aforementioned groups will run on any given track day. Number of participants are strictly limited to ensure quality, safety, and the best track day experience possible.

We have an air-conditioned classroom and proper bathroom facilities for you comfort and convenience!


So you are new to motorcycle school and track days. Well just about the worst thing you could do is start at a fast and/or bumpy track where your top speeds and hospital bill may be very close to the same number. Start with us, don't get us wrong, our track is very fast and demanding and will teach you more than any other track, but who needs to ride 140mph their first day. If you have no prior MOTORCYCLE track experience you MUST register in this group, NO EXCEPTIONS. Designed for street riders and Novice track riders, this group provides valuable on-track and classroom training.

Novice group receives class room and on-track instruction, including critiquing of on-track skills. The class room sessions are MANDATORY. Instructors will accompany riders on all track sessions. Your instructor will supervise all passing. During your classroom and on-track sessions you will learn the "racing line", proper use of the throttle, braking, gear changes and selection as well as basic cornering techniques and body positioning. Below is a typical Class Room session for the Novice Group.

Novice group is structured. All Novice group riders must attend all class-room sessions and ride within their group. We are aware that many riders chose the Novice group multiple times, and this is why we divide the Novice group into several sub-groups based on skill level. The pace is "comfortable". Everyone rides at his or her own pace.

$125 per day (Limited to 20 spots per day)

This group is for people with enough track time that they are comfortable at an accelerated riding pace up to the beginning racer.

We have a mandatory class room session for the intermediate group before the first 3 on-track sessions. These class room sessions are to ensure the safety of all riders, and to improve the riding skills of all riders. Our class room sessions will focus on Line Building, Body Positioning and Braking & Shifting.

Riders in this group will probably want to focus heavily on body position, setting up for turns, the racing line, and advanced throttle/braking control. Instructors will be available upon request whenever possible.

Safe passing is permitted with at least 6 feet space cushion. The track tempo is intermediate to fast. No licensed racers permitted in this group unless cleared by GrandSport instructor Staff.

Instructors are on track all day long at your service. Use them to answer questions, show you lines, critique riding styles and techniques, etc.

Riders in this group MUST wear a back protector.
$125 per day (Limited to 20 spots per day)


This is for advance riders who have racing experience

$125 per day (Limited to 20 spots per day when available)

Open Class

Open to all advanced race level riders

Lightweight class
This group is for Intermediate to Advanced Level riders only. Previous track or racing experience required. NO Novice riders allowed.
Group requirements will be: No displacement larger than 650cc
Eligible machines are Motard 85cc 2 stroke or 150 cc 4 stroke to 650cc 4 stroke, SV 650, Ninja 650, Ninja 250, RS125, and Vintage bikes. No inline 4 cylinder bikes over 500cc
$125 per day (Limited to 20 spots per day)

Daily Schedule
7:00 AM - Gates Open
7:30 AM to 8:30 AM - Registration & tech inspections
8:30 AM - Rider's Meeting -This meeting is mandatory for all riders
9:00 AM - First track session -
Rotation Order : Advanced, Intermediate, Novice. (20 Minute Sessions)
12:00 PM - Lunch Break
12:30 PM - Parade Lap - For riders new to the track
1:00 PM - Track sessions resume (20 Minute Sessions)
5:00 PM - End of Day :

GrandSport provides water, however, we recommend you bring additional water and refreshments. Please note, the number of drinks we provide are based upon our registration numbers.
• Chair(s).
• Shade/shelter - EZ ups are always a good idea at any track event
• Food. Lunch is provided for riders. Food available for others on site for a charge.
• Miscellaneous tools (bring zip ties, duct tape and your bikes tool kit... just in case).
• Extra fuel - Bring a 5 gallon can of fuel, especially for weekend events. It sounds silly, but remember your bike key! Finally, make a check list of all the things you need/would like to bring. Driving for a couple hours and realizing you forgot something important is not fun at all.
• Finally, we suggest that you DO NOT ride by yourself. Hook up with a friend or another rider attending the event due to the off chance that you are injured and can not load up your belongings and drive yourself home.
Bike Prep
(Also know as "101 uses for duct tape")
All bikes MUST pass technical inspection prior to admittance to the track. If your bike DOES NOT pass tech inspection, you will NOT receive a refund.
1. Tires and brakes must be in good condition. Tires should be at least 75% of new condition. Any tires that are bluing from excessive wear will be disallowed. Slicks are allowed in 85% plus condition. We will have on site tire service at each track day, so if your tires don't pass, you will have the opportunity to put on replacement tires to pass tech.
2. All glass, headlight, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. Side mirrors must be removed for the advanced group and at least taped over for all other groups. The picture below is a good example. You can use any kind of tape, including painters tape, duct tape, electrical tape, etc.
3. We recommend, but do not require removal of center stands. No bikes with center stands will be allowed in the Advanced/Racer Group due to the ground clearance issue.
4. All machines must have an operational handlebar mounted kill switch/button and self-closing throttle in good working condition.
5. Advanced and Intermediate group riders MUST use water or water wetter or a non-ethyl glycol based anti-freeze/coolant. Approved Poly Glycol brands are: Evans, 7th Gear, Liquid Performance, and Engine Ice. NO AUTOMOTIVE ETHYL GLYCOL BASED COOLANTS ARE ALLOWED.
6. All valve stems must have caps.
7. Wheel balance weights must be well-secured.
8. License plates must have bolts taped or be removed.

General Rules


Missing the mandatory riders meeting is not acceptable and you will not be allowed to ride that day. Said riders meeting covers information that is CRITICAL to the safety of ALL riders participating in the event. If you miss this meeting you will not ride and you will not receive a refund of credit of any kind.

Registration and tech open at 7:30AM and closes at 8:30AM when the riders meeting starts. Registration for riders who were "late" but present at the riders meeting will re-open at 9:00AM for an additional 30 minutes along with tech inspection. Tech and registration will then close for the day at 9:30AM.
• Riders may only enter the course under the approval of the grid entry marshal
• Riders exiting the track into the pit area or paddocks may only re-enter the track under the approval of the grid entry marshal.
• Riders exiting the course into a runoff area may only re-enter the track with the approval of a corner worker or track marshal.
• Any rider who crashes may not directly re-enter the track. That rider must wait for the crash vehicle to bring the bike back to the pit area. In addition, the rider must wait with the crashed bike and not attempt to cross the track or walk back to the pit area.
• No rider may, at any time ride in such a manner as to endanger life or limb of other riders, officials, or guests. Such riding includes blatant violation of flag conditions as displayed by corner workers. Riders who act in such manner and are reported to track officials will be ejected from the event, without exception or appeal.
• Only the registered rider may ride on the track during ride sessions.
• Any rider observed riding recklessly in the pit or paddock area may be ejected from the event. However, warnings will be given wherever possible for minor rule violations. Remember, we're here to have a good time, not police our riders every moment of every event.

Or how to get ejected from an event...
• Alcohol and other intoxicants are forbidden during on-track hours (7:30AM - 5:00PM). Any such substance brought to an event must be brought to the attention of Gransport staff who will then make a ruling on appropriateness (i.e. prescription medication, etc)
• Any rider found in possession of such substances at an event will be immediately ejected, forfeit monies paid for track days and be barred from further attendance for 6 months. If the substance is a narcotic or other dangerous drug, the rider will be permanently barred from any future track events at Gransport.
• Any rider who creates a disruption to the point that it interferes with the regular operation of an event will be subject to ejection.
• Grandsport reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual. Any individual denied permission to attend a track event will receive a refund unless the denial is for one of the reasons specified in this policy statement.
• Riders ejected from any GrandSport events forfeit any and all monies paid to GrandSport.

We have put together a group of services for your convenience at the track!

Advance registration is available on our shopping cart and will close at 6PM the night before the event so we can get the roster to our instructors. You can sign upon the day of the event for an extra charge of $25 but you may find there is no room in your group or not enough time for us to get you registered before your first session.

Cancelation policy
Once you have registered for a Groove Union event there are no refunds for any reason. If for some reason you can't make the event these are your options. If you must cancel you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your registered date. If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your registered date you will receive a full credit for a future event. If you are a no show there will be no refund and no credit for a future date.

Advance registration is preferred by internet. Click here to sign up on line or give us a call at (409)-986-7223. You must sign up on line by 6pm on the previous Friday to the event to receive the discount.



Click for Hitchcock, Texas Forecast

On January 27, 2010 MotoGP superstar Colin Edwards came out to GrandSport Speedway watch his god son ride the track! He was very gracious and took the time to sign autographs, take pictures and talk to all.

Colin confirmed what we have always known. GrandSport is an excellent track layout for perfecting your technical skills and getting better overall track times anywhere you go. Anyone can twist a throttle and blast along in a strait line. Those that can brake, corner, and accelerate out of the corners are those that get the wins!




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