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December 14, 2017

GrandSport Speedway is going through a huge transition in the next year!

With the one million dollar investment that we are making in the next 12 months we are expecting to grow a huge Track Day driver following as well as a ver healthy 'GrandSport Club Member' following.  We already have a great offering for new member prospects on the 'The GrandSport Club' page on this website and a value priced Trifecta offer on the 'GrandSport Track Day' Page! Take a look and get in on the deals!

We are going to talk about this transition in detail so that everyone is clear about GrandSport's Future!  We will post pictures as the materials arrive and construction continues.

  • A one mile track extension.  As shown in the diagram below we will be adding a one mile extension to the track.  The new extension will cross the existing entry road.  Therefore we will be constructing  a new entry road on the southern border of the property that will allow ingress and egress without having to stop the action on the track.  As anyone that knows about race surface asphalt will tell you, you should pave at the hottest time of the year and then let the asphalt cure for a few months before you drive on it.  We plan to pave in May or June 2018.  The track to be ready for Sept 1st, 2018.
  • We are building new restrooms and shower facilities.  This satellite restroom facility constructed of concrete block located near the gun range and new main entrance will have a womens, mens and handicap/family doors.  It will be able to accommodate groups of up to 500 people.  We expect to see this done by the end of February 2018.
  • 60 Day Shelters(14'X22") will be available for daily rental at $20 per day. You will no longer have to bring everything you own that is heavy to hold down your easy-up which will blow away anyhow. Protection from the sun and the rain.
  • The Member Clubhouse will be 7200ft on two levels with a wrap around observation deck to view both the old and the new track. The second floor will be for members only while the main floor will be universal space used for classrooms, large meeting spaces and so much more.
  • The 'Hanger' has been ordered and is expected to be delivered before the end of the year.  This 4000 sqft Military Airbase inspired building will initially be used for car storage for members, an air conditioned classroom and a clubhouse for the members until the main clubhouse is finished.  We expect you will see this building up by mid February 2018.
  • Member Garages will begin construction early next year.  These garages will vary for a 14'X22' single garage to larger 36'X36' garages with lofts to sit and relax after an exciting track day.
  • 8 Corner/flag Stations have already been placed for track control and safety.  We will be putting the roofs on them in the next few weeks.
  • Gravel Traps will be placed coming onto the back strait and on the Firehouse turn
  • We have ordered and expect to receive armco barrier in the next few weeks to be placed in key areas for everyones protection.

There are so many new improvements happening that we can hardly mention them all.  Stay tuned!