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We are an Independent Security/Military/Tactical/Agency/Anti Terrorist and Training Facility.

We have years of experience, expert instructors for our or your Tactical Driving Training, firearms and Anti-Terrorist defense Training programs. We can help you attain your goals or simply rent you one of our many purpose built facilities.

Off Road Course


Along with the 1.4 mile road course and the large 14 acre skid pad we are now have a 1 mile off road track for low and high speed security/tactical driver training. We can supply jeeps, foreign trucks, Crown Victorias, rally cars, quads, motorcycles, side by side Atv’s and a skid car for driver training.

High speed, low speed, soft/hard surface transitions, mobile force protection training(MFP), personal security detail training(PSD), motorcade work, ramming exercises, skid pad work, side by side driving, winching, hills, driving in water, vehicle mud extraction along with many other scenario training is available.

pistol-rangeWe have a 75yd gun range that is built to NRA standards. It has been constructed to allow live fire exercises with vehicle access and egress for dynamic exercises.

For a confidential inquiry and more information please call 1-888-572-7223(Ext 1).

This facility is intended for the use of approved, US government and GSA certified private security company training programs only. We reserve the right to refuse any and all applicants.

Ask us about leasing these facilities on a daily to yearly basis for all you Tactical Training and Antiterrorist Training requirements!